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This was part of a national campaign in partnership with Blue Recruit for ladder safety training.

Little Giant Ladder System's mission statement is "We Save Lives". This company wide video is shown for recruiting and orientation and shared on an international level. 

Company training video made for a fun way to share a rather boring, yet essential company topic. 

Little Giant Ladder Systems core values are part of the reason the company is so successful. I created this video as part of a series of videos to share those values with others. 

This is last years video of the Annual Honoring Heroes fundraiser motorcycle ride. 

Short commercial for Little Giant Ladder Systems. 

Birth Story to share with family and loved ones, the beauty of life. 

A wedding documentary for two of the sweetest people I have had the pleasure of working with. 

A student film that I wrote and co-directed. The film needed to be inspired by an assigned poem. I took the elements of the poem and included them in the film. 

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